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Environmentally Sustainable Auto Recycling:

SEDA Environmental Equipment

Removal of all Fluids

The drainage of hazardous fluids such oil, fuel, coolant, and brake fluid from ELVs has always been the focus of environmental concerns at TAR. Not only are these fluids responsible for environmental problems at Auto Recycling sites but when not drained they contaminate landfill. Draining hazardous fluids prior to shredding also prevents contamination of materials that could otherwise be recycled. For this reason proper draining of vehicle fluids will also contribute greatly to reducing the volume of landfill consistent with the State of Victoria’s ‘Towards Zero Waste’ Strategy.

At TAR it is our opinion that all the vehicle drainage equipment previously available in Australia was inadequate and would not perform to the highest standards. TAR chose to trial ‘State of the Art’ drainage stations from SEDA Environmental in Austria. SEDA equipment is the international benchmark in drainage equipment with over 2500 units sold worldwide. TAR assessed the technology as to its suitability for Australian conditions and decided to make a significant investment in SEDA the equipment.

SEDA Drainage Stations perform the following functions:

  • Drain out all the engine oil and pump it to storage tanks without any risk of a spill.
  • Drain or drill out all the transmission / gear oil and pump it to storage tanks without any risk of a spill.
  • Drain or drill fuel tanks to remove all fuel, filter it and pump it to storage tanks without any risk of a spill or vapour escaping.
  • Pump out all radiator coolant to storage tanks without any risk of a spill.
  • Pump out all brake fluid from brake lines to storage tanks without any risk of a spill.
  • Pump out all windscreen washer fluid to storage tanks without any risk of a spill.
  • If need be they can remove all the oil from shock absorbers and pump it to storage.
  • Cut off and catch catalytic converters without jeopardising safety.
  • The speed at which these units work will give us the capacity to process up to 100 ELV units a day.

Independent EU reports have shown that SEDA equipment will remove 98% of vehicle fluids

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